All the Little Things Series: "Flourish in the Dark"All the Little Things Series: "Flourish in the Dark"All the Little Things Series
Flourish in the Dark
Brandy Sebastian

What's Available Now:
Media: Professional Lab Metal Prints (wood frame back and wire hanger)
Size: 18”x12”
Price: $200

Any Image is available in a variety of substrates, sizes, & framing options, for example:

1. Metallic Face-Mounted Print with ¼" Acrylic and a French Cleat Frame Back
2. Framed with Rag White Mat Archival Museum Board & A White Wood Frame (there are additional frame options available) with a French Cleat.
3. High Definition, High Gloss, or Matte Chromalux Aluminum Metal with French Cleat.

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Can you recall the last enchanting moment when you liberated your feet from their shoe-bound prison and felt the tender embrace of the earth beneath? Can you summon the memories of tranquility amidst the cacophony of global chaos, where lines, shapes, and colors danced before your very eyes? Do you hold dear the vivid sensations of nature—its symphony of sounds, its resplendent visage, its ethereal touch, and its intoxicating fragrance?

Alas, it appears that technology, in its ceaseless march, has cast a veiled spell upon many, rendering them blind to the wonders of daydreaming, meditation, and grounding. The All the Little Things series, however, seeks to rekindle forgotten flames and illuminate overlooked treasures. When atmospheric conditions align in perfect harmony, the Earth, our benevolent stage, undergoes a mesmerizing transformation, unfolding a visual playground for our delight. A precise alchemy of condensation and temperature unravels miraculous creations and unveils the ephemeral dance of metamorphosis.

Within a quarter-mile radius of Buena Vista Park in Vista, California, during the months of January to February in 2017, a torrential downpour graced the land, accompanied by temperatures ranging from 65 to 75 degrees. In this climatic symphony, with the added touch of humidity, a splendid super bloom of fungi and jellies emerged, encompassing over thirty diverse varieties—mind you, this is merely a glimpse of the spectacle that unfolded before my eyes. Each region of the park, defined by its unique amalgamation of decaying flora and arboreal remnants, coupled with varying amounts of water and sunlight, provided an auspicious canvas for nature's grand performance. The mushroom portraits adorning my series represent but a minuscule fraction of the enchanting tapestry that was captured and witnessed. They possess their own fables to tell, whispered as musical notes and bathed in a radiant aura of light.

So, dear wanderer of realms forgotten, let us journey together into the realm of the overlooked, and rediscover the magic that lies beneath our very noses. Let us reacquaint ourselves with the delicate dance of raindrops and fungi, and marvel at the tales woven by these diminutive marvels.

Brandy Sebastian, 2019