Awakening Series: ManifestationAwakening Series: Manifestation

Solo Exhibitions

           2016   “#HappyBirthdayPookers”         The Glass and Mirror Shoppe        Carlsbad, CA

           2015   “Bijou”                                        The Glass and Mirror Shoppe        Carlsbad, CA

           2014   “Fragmented”                             The Glass and Mirror Shoppe        Carlsbad, CA

           1992   “Eclectic Mind”                           Huntington Beach Library               Huntington Beach, CA


Group Exhibitions   

           2022-Present                                        Bi-Monthly Exhibitions                          Oak Gallery

           2022   “Folded Light Series”                 “Shadow & Light”                                  The Photographer’s Eye Gallery

           2022   “Desert Lumens”                       “Artist Selections”                                  The Photographer’s Eye Gallery

           2021   “Zeus Series”                            “Night Walk”                                           The Photographer’s Eye Gallery  

           2021   “I’m Not Plastic Series”             Woman’s Exhibition                                Borrego Springs East Gallery

           2021   “Measured by Numbers”           “Face It”                                                  The Photographer’s Eye Gallery

           2021   “Valleys & Mountains”               “Inside-Out”                                             The Photographer’s Eye Gallery

           2020   “Desert Lumens: Blocks”          “Chasing Light”                                        The Photographer’s Eye Gallery

           2020   “Awakening” & “The Giver” Series        “True North Photo Society”         The Glass Out House

           2020   “For All Our Relations”              “Living & Photographing In The Time of Covid-19”        TPEC juried Online

           2020   “Short Stories”                          “Home”                                                     The Photographer’s Eye Gallery

           2020   “All the Little Things”                “Elemental”                                               The Photographer’s Eye Gallery

           2019   “Ice Phase”                              “Winter’s Light”                                         The Photographer’s Eye Gallery

           2019   “Awakening Series”                 “The Telling Image”                                   The Hearth Gallery, San Marcos, CA

           2019   “I’m not Plastic”                        “No Boundaries”                                       The Photographer’s Eye Gallery

           2019   “Awakening Series”                 “The Journey”                                           The Photographer’s Eye Gallery

           2018   “When I Wake Series”             “Light & Time”                                           The Photographer’s Eye Gallery

           2018   “All the Little Things”               “ELEMENTS”                                            The Hearth Gallery, San Marcos, CA

           2018   “The Giver Series”                   “Water Worlds”                                         The Photographer’s Eye Gallery

           2018   1 Images                                 International Photography Exhibition        Del Mar Fair, CA

           2017   4 Images                                 Enlightened Lens-Juried                           Vista Civic Center, CA

           2015  “Ketel One Citroen”                  Student Showcase                                    Boehm Gallery, Palomar College, CA

           2015   “Weed Garden” 3-D Book       Light Sensitive-Juried                                Art Intersection Gallery, Gilbert, AZ

           2015   3 Images                                 Enlightened Lens-Juried                           San Marcos Civic Center, CA

           2014   3 Images                                 Enlightened Lens-Juried                           Escondido Municipal Art Gallery, CA

          2014    Lift Series & Cypress Knee Typology   Coastal Collective Group Exhibition      Hill Street Country Club Gallery Space Oceanside, CA

           2014   “Backyard #1”                        APA Untitled Exhibition-Juried                    3rd Space San Diego, CA

           2014   “Yermo Trees”                       Best Shot-Juried                                         City of Vista Civic Center, CA

           2014   “Untitled” VanDyke & Cyano      Hearth Gallery-Juried                             San Marcos Community Center, CA

           2014   Multiple Images Exhibited           Jack Iskin Gallery                                  Palomar Photo Building, CA

           2014   3 Images                                International Photography Exhibition         Del Mar Fair, CA

           2013   “Death Valley Junction”          Hearth Gallery-Juried                                San Marcos Community Center, CA

           2013   2 Images & 1 3-D Piece         Enlightened Lens-Juried                           San Marcos Civic Center, CA

           2013   2 Images & 1 3-D Piece         Enlightened Lens-Juried                           Escondido Municipal Art Gallery, CA

           2013   2 Images                                International Photography Exhibition         Del Mar Fair, CA

           2013   2 Images                                Student Showcase                                     Del Mar Fair, CA

           2013  “Mini Church” Yuma, AZ         Student Showcase                                     Boehm Gallery, Palomar College, CA

           2013   “Pop & Tub”                           Light Sensitive-Juried                                 Art Intersection Gallery, Gilbert, AZ

           2013   5 Images                                Slideshow-Juried                                       MOPA, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

           2013   Multiple Images Exhibited      Jack Iskin Gallery                                       Palomar Photo Building, CA

           2012   2 Images                                Student Showcase                                     Del Mar Fair, CA     

           2012   Multiple Images Exhibited      Jack Iskin Gallery                                       Palomar Photo Building, CA

           2012   “Rock View, Cows”                 Student Showcase                                     Boehm Gallery, Palomar College, CA

           2012   2 Images & 1 3-D Image        Enlightened Lens-Juried                            San Marcos Civic Center, CA

           2012   2 Images & 1 3-D Image        Enlightened Lens-Juried                            Escondido Municipal Art Gallery, CA

           2010   “Egyptian Spice Bazaar”        Visual Expression 2010-Juried                   The Gallery at the Merc, CA         

           2003   “Eclectic Mind”                       Art Splash                                                   Carlsbad, CA

           2002   “Eclectic Mind”                       Carlsbad Arts & Crafts Show                      Carlsbad, CA

           1998   “Eclectic Mind”                       Yorba Linda Street Fair                              Yorba Linda, CA


Bodies of Work

           2022-Present            Ode to the Greats: Still Life’s

           2022-Present            Folded Light Series

           2022-Present            Trees of Monterey Series

           2021-Present            Valleys & Mountains: Folded Photo Origami

           2021                         Zeus: Cyanotypes

           2020-Present            Desert Lumens Series

           2020-Present            Short Stories: A Still Life Series

           2019-Present            When I Wake Series

           2019                          Ice Phase Series

           2019-Present            Awakening Series

           2018-Present            Measured by Numbers – Project Endo

           2018-Present            I’m not Plastic: Chemical Arrangement

           2018                         The Giver Series

           2018                         All the Little Things

           2017-Present            Relationships Series

           2017                          Figures

           2016                          #HappyBirthdayPookers                            

           2015                          Vessels-pottery with photographs

           2014                          Bijou  

           2014                          Lost Innocence

           2013                          Land of OZ

           2012                          Fragmented

           2012                          Soul Meets Body


In The Collection Of

           Penny W. Kachuck, Vista, California

           Gary & Lisa Sebastian, Azle, Texas

           Starr Cruise, Shelbyville, Tennessee

           Bessie & Gene Wentz, Fernley, Nevada

           Jennifer Jorgenson, Ephraim, Utah

           Victoria Cooper, Menifee, California

           Erin Schweda, Jackson, Michigan

           Stacey Sebastian, Kihei, Hawaii

           Jacqueline Ramirez, San Diego, California

           Jade McConnell, Ramona, California

           Brian Korec, Ramona, California

           Lori Carlson, Ramona, California

           Donna Cosentino, Escondido, California

           Lora Williams, San Diego, CA

           Cheyenne, Oceanside, CA

           Priscilla, San Diego, CA

           “Izzy”, San Diego, CA

           Robert Vankirk, Temecula

           Stephanie Durham, Deer Park, Washington



           2020                                 Multiple Images Published             Catalogue                          The Photographer's Eye Collective

           2017                                 Multiple Images Published             Bravura Magazine              Palomar College, CA

           2015                                  Photo Spread-The Nightmare in Wonderland, Part II               Miroir Magazine       

           2015                                 Multiple Images Published             Bravura Magazine               Palomar College, CA

           2015-April                         Group Show Article                        Phoenix New Times Blog              Art Intersection, AZ

           2015-April                        Image Published                             San Diego Home & Garden           Distinction Gallery, CA

           2014                                 Timeless Idols: Pinups & Pin Stripes      2014 Immortalized Zine        Arthatch, Escondido, CA

           2014-December                Multiple Images Published              Telescope Newspaper          Palomar College, CA

           2013                                  Multiple Images Published             Bravura Magazine                 Palomar College, CA

           2013 Winter Issue             Multiple Images Published               Impact Magazine                 Palomar College, CA

           2013 Summer/Fall Issue   Multiple Images Published               Impact Magazine                  Palomar College, CA

           2013-May                          Single Image Published                  Telescope Newspaper           Palomar College, CA

           2013-January                    Single Image Published                   Telescope Newspaper           Palomar College, CA

           2012   Poster Cover           “Owl Wisdom” Photo Composite                Palomar College, Enlightened Lens

           2012-September                  Photo Essay-Napoleon Perdis                  Beauty Fashion Magazine, New York

           2010-January                       Write-up-Visual Expressions                   The Californian, Riverside County

            2008-Spring                        Cover Image-Business Action                  San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

           2008                                     Photo Essay-Intelligent Beauty                Cosmetic World, New York

           2007-December                   Photo Essay-Elizabeth Arden                    Beauty Fashion Magazine, New York



            2017   1st Place                               Cell Phone Image                           Del Mar Fair Student Showcase

            2017   Best of Show                         Cell Phone Image                           Del Mar Fair Student Showcase

            2014   Honorable Mention                Alternative Photography                Del Mar Fair International Show

            2014   4th Place-State Convention Award                       Magazine Photo-Impact/Palomar College          JACC

            2014   4th Place-State Convention Award                        Magazine Cover Design-Impact/Palomar           JACC

            2014   2nd Place-SoCal Conference Award                       Magazine Cover Design-Impact/Palomar           JACC

            2014   3rd Place-SoCal Conference Award                        Magazine Photo-Impact/Palomar College          JACC

            2014   4th Place-SoCal Conference Award                        Magazine Photo-Impact/Palomar College          JACC

            2014   1st Place-Excellence in Journalism                         Magazine Cover Design     San Diego Press Club

            2014   1st Place-State Convention Award                          Magazine Photo-Impact/Palomar College           JACC

            2013   Honorable Mention  Digital Photographic Composition             Del Mar Fair International Show

            2013   3rd Place-SoCal Conference Award                         Magazine Photo-Impact/Palomar College           JACC

            2013   1st Place                              Monochrome                         Del Mar Fair Student Showcase

            2013   2nd Place                             Creative Photography            Del Mar Fair Student Showcase

            2012   Best of Show                         Restore                                 Del Mar Fair Student Showcase

            2012   Best of Class                         Restore                                 Del Mar Fair Student Showcase

            2012   1st Place                               Restore                                 Del Mar Fair Student Showcase

            2012   1st Place                               Creative Photography            Del Mar Fair Student Showcase

            2010   2nd Place                              Photography                         The Arts Council of Temecula Valley

            2002   Honorable Mention               Photography/Jewelry             Carlsbad Arts & Crafts Fair



            2021-Present            Southern New Hampshire University                       BA in Digital Photography

            2011-2015                 Palomar College                                                      AA in Photography

                                              Certificates: Fine Art, Commercial Photography, Alternative Process

            2008-2010                 Fallbrook School of the Arts                                     Ceramics

            1999                          Cypress College                                                       AA in Liberal Arts

            1993-1994                 Northern Arizona University                                      Fine Art


Studied Under

            Robert Barry                    Digital Darkroom & Large Format                         San Marcos, CA

            Donna Cosentino             Alternative Process, Creative Photography, Landscape, Landscape & Culture and Portfolio      San Marcos, CA

            Annie Limoux                    Beginning Black & White Photography                 San Marcos, CA

            Jacqueline Ramirez           Intermediate Black & White Photography            San Marcos, CA

            Raymond Elstad                Digital Photography & Studio Assist                     San Marcos & Del Mar, CA

            Will Gibson                        Portrait & Commercial Photography                     San Marcos, CA



           2013   Distinction Gallery Scholarship        Palomar College

           1993   Art Scholarship                                 Northern Arizona University



           2022-2023                 Oak Gallery  Fine Photo & Art Gallery              Owner & Operator

Responsibilities included: setting up gallery website and maintaining, creating & hanging vinyl graphics, organizing and event logistics, marketing social media and event sites, artist management and training for QR coding and wall rental setup.


            2018-2022                 The Photographers Eye Collective                    Volunteer/Assistant/Manager/Web Designer

Responsibilities included: setting up gallery website and maintaining, creating & hanging vinyl graphics for each show, assisting in gallery events & activities, assisting in calendar events and schedule.


            2013-2014                 Medium Festival of Photography                       Volunteer

Responsibilities included greeting participants, setting up Medium Festival expo booth, running expo booth, answering questions about festival activities, time keeper for portfolio reviews and fill in where ever needed.


             2006-Present                                                Owner/Photographer

Day to day business functions: advertising, marketing, networking, maintained websites and social media, all print and album ordering. Skills also include development of prices lists, operation manuals, slideshow presentations, all retouching of images and designs layouts for print montages, collages and albums for weddings and babies first year. Design creative holiday cards and announcements for a variety of events with unique one-of-a kind designs.


              2010-2013                 Local Focus Photography                                   Photographer

Main photographer and handler of logistics of event set up for corporate parties, executive headshots, print onsite as well as photo booth set up for holiday couples and family photos.


              2009-2012                 3 Hot Shoes Sports Photography         Co-Founder & Photographer

Significant role in design and function of the sports photography company that documented a multitude of race events from Marathons, Duathlons, Mud Runs, Young Adult Team Sports to Junior Life Guard Programs. Key person in all Marketing and promotional materials for company as well as logistics for booth set up and design. Shared facilitator duties for groups of photographers to properly capture an event for online sales of images. Key program troubleshooter; in orchestrating mass image upload within a 48-72 hour time period for post race production. Maintained websites for client viewing as well as social media sites. Handled most complaint letters and refunds. Oversaw work efficiency for better workflow, equipment usage and managed employees. Created an Operations Manual to assist contractors in having continued success in post-production, photo shoots, packaging and photo mail outs. Designed commemoratives and all artwork to promote each specific race or program as well as specific order forms for parent ordering of images and photo related products.


                2001-2012                 Herr Photography                                      Photographer

Main Photographer for Corporate Functions which include Expos, Conferences and Breakout Meetings, Weddings, A Variety of different types of Portrait Sessions from families, Individuals, Executive headshots to newborns, Print On Site Events, Large Group Photos from 5-200 people, Special Engagements such as Private Parties, Anniversaries and Birthdays.

Experience in client contact, writing contracts, job quotes, logistics, set design, post-production, album design, minor retouching and color calibration.

Skills also include: troubleshooting on site printing issues with Mitsubishi Dye Sub Printers and Express Digital Software, Lighting Scenarios with Multi light set up, Logistics of event flow and set up, as well as training of onsite print staff and photographers.