Grand landscapes, smart devices and the sense of hustle seem to capture much of our daily attention. Too busy to stop and rest, stop and breathe, stop and look! What if you took a moment out of your day, like the time it takes to browse Facebook, and instead you stood in one spot to investigate all that surrounds you. Exploration can happen in the smallest of places, get in close, delight in the nuances of what is walked by or the unnoticed. Think about the tiny impressions in sand, the way paint chips from a fading building or the elfin plants that are grandiose in size to a pocket-sized animal or miniscule bug. Notice the textures and the way light caresses all the little details. Just because you don’t “see” it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Just because it is little-bitty, doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful.

​    © 2018 by Brandy Sebastian