"All the Little Things"

     When taking in consideration the group exhibition theme, ELEMENTS, it was a clear choice to focus on what’s often over looked. With technology, we as a culture have become inherently blinded and have lost our ability to daydream, meditate and become grounded. Can you remember the last time you took your shoes off and felt the earth beneath your feet? Can you remember what it’s like to quiet the mind of global chaos and see the lines, shapes, and colors before you? Do you remember what nature sounds like, looks like, feels like and smells like? With this selected series, “All the Little Things”, the goal is to remember what has been forgotten and overlooked. When weather conditions are just right the earth evolves, offering us a visual playground. When we have the right mixture of condensation and temperature it’s miraculous what grows, shifts, and the amount of time it lasts. 

     In a quarter mile radius at Buena Vista Park in Vista, California, January to February in 2017, we had a downfall of rain with temperatures ranging between 65-75 degrees. With humidity, there was what I call a super bloom of fungi and jellies, 30 different varieties were counted. Depending on what region of the park, the types of dead plant and tree material, along with the amount of water and light for each region, it created an opportunity of what grew. The mushroom images depicted in my series are a minuscule portion of what was captured and seen. They each have their own fable to tell, musical note and aura of light. Seasons are what help mold the ELEMENTS you see before you. The large images in “All the Little Things” are a representation of a time frame and how instrumental light is in the big picture of life.

​    © 2018 by Brandy Sebastian