"Doll Study"

      This body of work is a response to myself being way too serious. I wanted something that wasn't as complex and as involved, like most my work. I needed an assignment, like one we would get in many of my art based classes at Palomar College, called 'In the Style of'. It was a way to solve the "How did they do that question", to create something in your own voice but had a representation of another photographer or artist. Since I have been focusing on nudes, I thought naturally I wanted to use dolls and pose them in humanistic poses, as to give life to them. Since it was 'In the Style of' my "Life Giver" series I think its quite appropriate to "give" life to these life less forms. I also decided to go with the look of film noir to make them the primary focus since it wasn't involving layers and masks to create focus like in the "Life Giver" body of work. So the not so serious assignment turns out to be very serious and eludes to the idea that these plastic lifeless dolls have thought and feeling after all, and in their own right are givers themselves.

​    © 2018 by Brandy Sebastian