Luminous Flux Series: Lumens  "Reflections of Time" Not FixedLuminous Flux Series: Lumens "Reflections of Time" Not FixedReflections of Time - Not Fixed
Luminous Flux Series: Lumens
Brandy Sebastian

Media: Scanned Lumen Print from Ilford Warm Toned Darkroom Paper on Moab Baryta
Size: Varied
Price: Call for pricing

Any Image is available in a variety of substrates, sizes, & framing options, for example:

1. Metallic Face-Mounted Print with ¼" Acrylic and a French Cleat Frame Back
2. Framed with Rag White Mat Archival Museum Board & A White Wood Frame (there are additional frame options available) with a French Cleat.
3. High Definition, High Gloss, or Matte ChromaLuxe Aluminum Metal with French Cleat.

*Tax & Shipping not included

The Luminous Flux Series is an ever-evolving collection that draws its inspiration from the entrancing quiddity of my surroundings and the intricate tapestry of my personal emotions. Its inception took place in the latter part of 2020 when I first embarked on a journey to depict the vibrant spirit of plants thriving along the Eastern Sierras, gracefully adorning the scenic highway 395. As the series unfolded, my artistic lens shifted to Eagle Mountain Lake, an idyllic retreat nestled near the modest community where I spent my formative years as a child. It was there, in the cherished abode of my father, that I handcrafted a selection of cherished prints.

Venturing further, the evocative charm of Santa Fe, New Mexico beckoned my husband and I to celebrate our anniversary. It was during this unforgettable sojourn that I discovered a newfound wellspring of inspiration, pouring my heart and soul into several remarkable creations that now grace the walls of homes. Each piece serves as a captivating narrative, unraveling the tales of my expeditions, meanderings, and the profound connections I forged with my environment along my nomadic adventures. Through these works, I endeavor to embrace a more playful and lighthearted approach to my creative odyssey, shedding the weight of seriousness that often accompanies the artistic process.
In stark contrast to the meticulous planning and conceptualization that define much of my oeuvre, the Lumens and Cyanotypes emerge as an exquisite departure from the norm. Infused with vibrant life, whimsical energy, and boundless imagination, these compositions transcend the mere confines of their initial setup. To breathe life into these enchanting artworks, I employ expired darkroom paper, selecting particular favorites based on their brand, tone, and grade. Delving into an alchemist's playground, I unleash a symphony of household chemicals, including vinegar, lemon juice, water, sanitizer, and oils, each carefully sprayed, misted, or poured over the receptive canvas. To further embellish these fascinating creations, I artfully sprinkle an assortment of spices, ranging from cumin and turmeric to cinnamon and salt, allowing their subtle essence to infuse the very fabric of the artwork. These elements, carefully collected from roadsides and gardens, under the watchful gaze of permissions granted, are fastidiously arranged with tender care.

Finally, the culmination of this playful process unfolds as the ingredients harmoniously intermingle between the protective embrace of glass and Masonite board or the intimate confines of a contact print frame. Over time, guided by the radiant sun, a touch of magic is woven into each piece, as light and shadows perform their ethereal dance of exposure. The framed masterpieces that grace your sight are a combination of original prints or faithful scans of the original creations, purposefully untouched save for minimal enhancements. These subtle refinements seek not to alter the inherent beauty that emerges from the amalgamation of joy, boundless imagination, and the steadfast patience that permeate every brushstroke of my artistic journey.

Welcome to the Luminous Flux Series—a testament to the bewitching interplay of artistry and the marvels born from the alchemy of creativity.

Brandy Sebastian, 2023

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