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Luminous Flux Series: Lumens  "Reflections of Time" Not FixedLuminous Flux Series: Lumens "Reflections of Time" Not FixedReflections of Time - Not Fixed
Luminous Flux Series: Lumens
Brandy Sebastian

Media: Scanned Lumen Print from Ilford Warm Toned Darkroom Paper on Moab Baryta
Size: Varied
Price: Call for pricing

Any Image is available in a variety of substrates, sizes, & framing options, for example:

1. Metallic Face-Mounted Print with ¼" Acrylic and a French Cleat Frame Back
2. Framed with Rag White Mat Archival Museum Board & A White Wood Frame (there are additional frame options available) with a French Cleat.
3. High Definition, High Gloss, or Matte ChromaLuxe Aluminum Metal with French Cleat.

*Tax & Shipping not included

Light, a wondrous manifestation of energy, dances upon the canvas of our world, revealing its enchanting secrets. As a humble capturer of light, I find myself immersed in its magical embrace, perceiving not just the physical realm but also the ethereal dimensions that lie beneath. My creative endeavors revolve around forging a spiritual connection with the subject matter, a delicate dance between my artistic vision and the luminous essence that permeates all things.

Enter the Luminous Flux series, a tangible embodiment of my pursuit of light, or shall I say, my relentless chase. Yet, it is not merely the light we perceive with our eyes; it is the luminosity that emanates from the very core of existence itself.

Allow me to introduce you to the captivating realm of lumen printmaking—a solar photogram in its simplest form. Picture this: a carefully arranged tapestry of botanical wonders upon the sacred canvas of expired photographic darkroom paper, basking in the gentle caress of the sun. The result? A delicate imprint of light, an ephemeral masterpiece captured in the depths of time. This ancient art form, harking back to the pioneering experiments of the 19th century, is but one of the many alternative photographic processes that have shaped our artistic heritage.
Imagine my nomadic adventures, where my trusty jeep doubles as a mini–Alternative Process lab, brimming with creative potential. Wherever destiny leads me, my keen eye remains attuned to the harmony of nature, for it is there that I find inspiration. Armed with scissors, gloves, a sharpie, and plastic bags, I embark on a quest to gather the finest specimens, mindful of the delicate balance between taking and preserving. My lab bins overflow with treasures—an assemblage of contact print frames, expired photographic paper in all its glorious hues, tongs, trays, towels, and clamps. Amidst the collective chaos, a small table and chair serve as my creative sanctum, accompanied by snacks to nourish both body and soul. Textured glass and an array of sprays and spices stand ready, each holding the potential to shape the final masterpiece.

The process itself is elegantly simple. Seek out objects through which light may weave its mesmerizing tapestry, patiently awaiting its gentle touch for a span of minutes or even days. Tenderly placing these chosen artifacts upon my preferred warm-toned papers, I unveil them to the embrace of sunlight itself. Time passes, as does the dance of photons, until the moment arrives to cleanse the paper in a tranquil bath of water, followed by a gentle caress of the portable print dryer. Safeguarded within light-sensitive bags, these fragile creations patiently await their ultimate destiny—a rendezvous with the alchemical powers of the fixer. But first, a moment of capture, a digital glimpse, scan, of their unadulterated beauty, for fixing forever alters their chromatic tapestry. In this fleeting state, the non-fixed prints reveal an exquisite array of vivid hues—blushing pinks, regal purples, golden yellows, and fiery oranges—an enchanting array of surprises. Scanning them allows me to preserve their essence before the final transformation, resulting in two distinct color options, each a unique facet of the same ephemeral marvel. The fixed images, now infused with vibrant yellows, oranges, sage greens, and eggplant purples, evoke a symphony of hues, a tribute to the metamorphosis that transpires when light embraces paper. Yet, it is important to note that fresh paper dances to its own tune, bestowing upon us novel palettes that differ from the expired counterparts. Once fixed, the original colors fade into oblivion, forever lost to time, accentuating the priceless value of preserving that initial impression. Occasionally, the unfixed print boasts a more potent amalgamation of colors, daring us to embrace the unexpected, to relinquish control, and to revel in the art of letting go.

Indeed, the allure of alternative photography lies in its capacity to surprise and fascinate, beckoning us to release our preconceptions and venture into uncharted territories. It is a delicate dance, an exquisite practice of surrendering to the unknown, where judgment dissipates, and the journey itself becomes our guide. So, let us immerse ourselves in this wondrous realm, where light and art intertwine, and with open hearts and unshackled spirits, embrace the unpredictable path it lays before us.

Brandy Sebastian, 2023

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