"Open Space Forest #12""Open Space Forest #12"
Trees Series


When I pause and contemplate the world surrounding me, one of the most captivating living beings that draws the attention of countless souls is the tree. They possess a magic that transcends what our physical eyes can perceive, revealing the secrets of our intricate planet and the vast universe. The stories they unveil, echoing tales of history, struggle, abundance, destruction, and life itself, mirror our own experiences and those of our land, water, and animals. Truly sacred, they hold within them the essence of mysticism. We owe our existence to trees, for they maintain the delicate balance that sustains us. They deserve to be nurtured, cherished, loved, and shielded for all eternity.
I sense their energy, behold their radiant aura, and listen to their mesmerizing narratives. Their enchantment resonates within me, grounding me in the present moment. I delight in the gentle breeze whispering through their leaves and the sun's warm rays filtering through their outstretched branches. Each tree creates its own microcosm, supporting life so minute it can only be observed under a microscope. They bear fruits that nourish and satiate the hunger of creatures both grand and minuscule. They offer refuge from the brewing storms in the sky and cradle us with comforting arms to rest our weary eyes. Whether they stand together in clusters, exist as solitary figures, I capture their very essence through photographic capture.
My photography series, "Trees," provides a glimpse into this magic, freezing a precise moment in time when I coalesce with the forest around me as one. Like countless others, I am delighted by their wizardry, and for this, I am grateful and indebted to their affectionate embrace. My life will forever be strengthened by the presence of trees.

Brandy Sebastian