"Ambition, Energy""Ambition, Energy"Ambition, Energy
Folded Light Series
Brandy Sebastian

Media: Digital Archival Pigment Print

I absolutely adore being a practiced and professional photographic artist. It gives me the unique opportunity to immerse myself in experimentation, invention, discovery, and play. Diligently working towards creating something truly unique is an incredible challenge, particularly as technology continues to evolve. It's a continuous practice to push the proverbial "envelope."

Folded Light is an evolving series that epitomizes the essence of "practice." It involves folding complex tessellations, which is a true art form requiring patience and meditation. It encompasses the practice of lighting a subject and exploring the infinite ways to achieve it. It also encompasses the practice of creating an image, from capturing it to printing it. This series serves as a reminder to take the time to slow down, breathe through the process, and evolve as a creator of something truly distinct.

Folded Light urges us to pause, even if only for a moment, and pay attention to the mesmerizing dance of light from edge to edge, from valley to peak, within the meticulously crafted folds of the paper structures. It beckons us to embrace the interplay of light and color. From beginning to end, this series serves as a constant reminder of the beauty of being present in every step of the creative process, culminating in the gratification of viewing the finished works hanging before you.

Tessellations embody the essence of intricate movements, where mathematical folds intertwine with boundless patience and the rhythm of deep breaths, leading to the ultimate triumph. Within this journey lie moments of achievement and despair, self-doubt, and exultation, creating monumental waves of emotion that permeate the complexity of paper folding.

My mind, an organic machine, becomes a realm of organized chaos, beckoning paradoxical moments of singular, yet multifaceted focus. Each mountain and valley within the three-dimensional folds become reflections of empirical decisions—a delicate interplay between the ingenuity of woman-made light sources and the captivating dance of light crafted by nature itself. In this convergence, light bounces, reflects, and surrenders to the medium, inviting exploration of repressed ideas and impulsive urges that give rise to characteristic or habitual patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behavior. They intertwine, entwined with me, as I am entwined with them—an interconnected tapestry of existence.

Brandy Sebastian, 2023

Folded Light 2-D