Happy Birthday Pookers

     Textures, lines, shapes, colors, subject matter and emotion play a very important role in my imagery. This body of work is a communication of visual thoughts to create an interesting story and a layering of concepts. Does it evoke an idea beyond the image itself or paired with another? Do you wonder why? Does it make sense or none at all? This is for you to decide.


I’ve been a photographer for over 15 years now professionally and recently as a photographic artist. My mind races with stories and imagery awake or asleep; it’s a never-ending flow of creativity. My show is dedicated to the support and love of art, my mother Penny Kachuck, instilled in me from a young age. Because of her, I have been given the gift to “see” and “be” and “do” anything I can dream of. It is our love of photography that I am a photographer. This show is her birthday gift from me.

​    © 2018 by Brandy Sebastian