I’m not Plastic: Complex Chemical Arrangement


“I’m not Plastic: Complex Chemical Arrangement” is meant to be a lighthearted response to a series I did called “The Giver”. “The Giver” is the female nude in the same body of water. It is a representation of the attributes of a water goddess, rather than focusing on a specific goddess. The images explore femininity, fertility, beauty, ethnic diversity, and our connectedness to all there is. “I’m not Plastic: Complex Chemical Arrangement” is a play on that body of work stripped from human complexities. She is not just plastic but made up of complex materials. When posed as a woman the fully articulated dolls become humanistic, full of emotion and story. As a woman I’ve worked hard to become something real and tangible to myself and the world around me. The dolls represent what I feel and see in a beautiful form with shapes and curves enveloped by light. We are all connected by creation.

My moments are quiet and soft
Filled with non-existent expressive thought.
I’m not plastic,
My story and history are all my own.
I am interconnected
Bending and movement, I’m arranged and adored.
Nude and bare, just like you
I am a Complex Chemical Arrangement

Brandy Sebastian

Images: I'm Not Plastic Series