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Measured by Numbers: "Endo Fog"Measured by Numbers: "Endo Fog"Measured by Numbers
Endo Fog
Brandy Sebastian

Anonymous: Endo Fog
Pain. Not just any pain: intense pain. It strips us of our physical and mental capabilities.

Word finding? Cognitive function? Memory? Throw that all out the proverbial window. Sometimes the only thing a person can remotely focus on is the constant nagging stabbing pain. Nothing but fog and pain.
Pop a prescribed pill for that physical agony and we’re further thrust into a cocoon of sweet, oblivious haze. Further thickened by the soothing medicinal properties of a pill, a tincture, a drag...whatever numbs.

Data: missing. Personality: altered. Memories: gone.

With or without a painkiller, our gray matter is severely affected by the pain and stress this
illness manifests.

Brain fog is real.

Written by Lisa Howard

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Photographic Project About Endometriosis Awareness

I find it crucial to begin by providing a concise background on my ongoing series, aptly titled "Measured by Numbers." In 2013, I was confronted with the diagnosis of Endometriosis, igniting an enduring internal struggle of chronic pain and emotional turmoil. Initially, moments of respite were few and far between, yet with each subsequent surgery (totaling seven to date), the nature of the pain shifted, granting me more frequent reprieves. In 2017, I underwent two surgeries and faced the arduous decision that my weary body, burdened by the relentless fight, could no longer pursue the dream of motherhood. That year bore witness to therapeutic sessions, joining Facebook groups comprising fellow sufferers of Endometriosis, and ultimately, a partial hysterectomy. Concurrently, a profound urge emerged within me—an unyielding need to vocalize and share my encounter with this tormenting, incurable ailment with as many individuals as possible.

As my voice grew stronger through conversation, so did my desire to disseminate the stories and grueling journeys of other women grappling with Endometriosis. "Measured by Numbers" stands as a deeply personal endeavor, which will eventually encompass a collection of portraits, documentary-style photographs capturing Endo life, and shared interviews with each woman who participated in this project. Accompanying these images will be informative text addressing topics such as medication, forms of care, treatment modalities, support systems, and more.
Each selected image draws inspiration from interviews conducted with willing participants of this project. From these candid conversations, a single word intuitively springs to mind, serving as the cornerstone and thematic essence of their portrait.

My aspiration is to compile these portraits, documentary visuals, and the textual insights derived from interviews, along with contributions from professionals in the specialized field of Endometriosis—OBGYNs, surgeons, therapists, and others—into a comprehensive book and a traveling exhibition. All proceeds generated from the sale of the book will be dedicated to funding Endometriosis research, while the exhibition will serve as a platform for raising awareness about this incurable affliction that affects a staggering 17.9 million individuals worldwide, constituting a astounding 1 in 10. Throughout the entire creative process, a unifying visual thread of yellow, the recognized color of Endometriosis awareness, weaves through the body of work. At every juncture of our journey, we find ourselves "Measured by Numbers," whether it be quantifying our pain levels, analyzing statistical data, assessing our current stage the disease, calculating medication dosages, referencing insurance information, scheduling appointments or surgeries on specific dates within a given month. Numbers permeate our existence.

These images embody the luminosity that emanates from within individuals, irrespective of their pain and suffering. They serve as tangible representations of the beauty and fortitude that each individual clings to despite the intricate complexities of the harsh realities posed by Endometriosis. They exude the essence of "Warrior," akin to the many who endure this affliction, yet courageously thrive and forge ahead with unwavering determination. Every image encapsulates a transient moment brimming with the power and resilience derived from their unique narratives.

Brandy Sebastian, 2021

-NEW EXHIBITION SPACE for the CURENT FINISHED PORTRAITS will soon be displayed at the San Diego Women's Health Center

-Thank you to Lisa Howard, blogger for, for writing the amazing pieces for each portrait.


*Please keep checking back as I add images for some of the most amazing and brave women I have met. We will be sharing interviews that discuss their personal journey with Endo. Also check out the Documentary work as it evolves and comes into fruition HERE.
Measured by Numbers: "Foundation"Measured by Numbers: "Endo Fog"Measured by Numbers: "Solitude"Measured by Numbers: "Optimism"