Luminous Flux Series: Cyanotype "Time Will Tell #2"Luminous Flux Series: Cyanotype "Time Will Tell #2"Time Will Tell #2
Luminous Flux Series: Cyanotype
Brandy Sebastian

Media: Scanned Wet Cyanotype Print on Moab Juniper Baryta
Size: Varied
Price: Call for Pricing

Any Image is available in a variety of substrates, sizes, & framing options, for example:

1. Metallic Face-Mounted Print with ¼" Acrylic and a French Cleat Frame Back
2. Framed with Rag White Mat Archival Museum Board & A White Wood Frame (there are additional frame options available) with a French Cleat.
3. High Definition, High Gloss, or Matte ChromaLuxe Aluminum Metal with French Cleat.

*Tax & Shipping not included


Light, a wondrous manifestation of energy, dances upon the canvas of our world, revealing its enchanting secrets. As a humble capturer of light, I find myself immersed in its magical embrace, perceiving not just the physical realm but also the ethereal dimensions that lie beneath. My creative endeavors revolve around forging a spiritual connection with the subject matter, a delicate dance between my artistic vision and the luminous essence that permeates all things.

Cyanotypes share many similarities with lumens, as both rely on the utilization of light for exposure. A contact print frame is employed to harmoniously unite all the components in a single, cohesive arrangement, while the choice of subject matter rests solely in the hands of the individual creator. Personally, I find profound delight in employing botanical elements, alongside the household chemicals and culinary spices that grace my alternative process Lumens.

By incorporating aqueous substances such as water, vinegar, and soap bubbles, the artistic realm I traverse transcends the traditional boundaries of dry Cyanotypes, transforming into a domain akin to the enchanting Wet Cyanotype. Through the introduction of liquid entities into the process, the interaction between flora, fluid, spice, and the sensitizer—manifested as the Cyanotype solution—takes on a beguiling metamorphosis. This sensitizer is comprised of a two-part powder that melds harmoniously with water, delicately stirred until the alchemical interplay reaches its zenith. The resulting solution is then artfully brushed upon diverse substrates, often luxuriating in an array of artisanal papers.

Once the creative piece is meticulously fashioned, gently washed, and then allowed to bask in the airy embrace of drying, it is bestowed with the honor of preservation through the medium of scanning. Not only does this act safeguard the artwork, but it also presents a gateway to the realm of countless enlargement possibilities, capturing the intricate nuances of its essence.

Brandy Sebastian, 2023

Luminous Flux Series: Cyanotype "Time Will Tell #1"Luminous Flux Series: Cyanotype "Time Will Tell #2"Luminous Flux Series: Cyanotype "Time Will Tell #3"