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Information Piece

Information Piece

This is a placeholder for a body of work in progress starting in 2018. I currently have 15 women that I'm documenting and photographing based on a word from their interviews and what they have undergone in life thus far.

PROJECT ENDO by @GoodLittleFly

created by Brandy Sebastian    


    Good Little Fly is a photography based personal project about Endometriosis Awareness. My hopes and desires for this project is to create global awareness through imagery and words. I’m fortunate enough to have a handful of amazing women that are excited and ignited about the idea. I’m truly grateful to have Bloomin’ Uterus’s Lisa Howard to be the writer for the project. 

The main goals are: 

    1. To have a traveling show of both documentary/lifestyle imagery and portraits that express each woman’s interview theme, our pain, med routine, use of our faithful heating pads, and surgeries before and after. They will be paired with text and interviews that I have had with each of these inspirational survivors.

    2. To incorporate all of the imagery, interviews and relative information into a book to generate awareness and sales which will be 100% donated to a research foundation of my choosing.


Portraits are a very important aspect of this project. While interviewing these women, it became clear and evident to me that there was a theme that could be expressed more or less in a word for each of them. This became my direct response to building concept images based on their individual interviews. The color yellow, which is the Endometriosis Awareness color, is another prevalent theme throughout the portraits. To elaborate the book will incorporate the portraits and documentary/lifestyle imagery as well as interview snippets about each woman’s journey with Endo, the pros and cons to treatment, meds, heating pads, and more. This is my greatest hope. Profits generated by this book will be 100% donated to Endo Research. 


Since 2018, I have interviewed about 10 women, photographed 3 before and after surgeries, taken a gamut of documentary/lifestyle images of them during and after the interviews, and lastly I have photographed five themed portraits such as “Foundation”, “Solitude”’ “Endo Fog”, “When Life Gives You Lemons” and “Hope”. Initially, when I started the project I thought 8 months and I’ll be done. Well, its over 2 years later and I’m still working on it. Because of my own personal health and that of the participants it takes the time it takes. Each concept is unique and takes time to develop, raise money for, and strive for. Currently, 95% of what’s been achieved has come out of my pocket and the well has run dry. Finally it is time to show what I have so I can generate interest, raise awareness, and raise funds in order for me to complete my above goals. I don’t believe it could ever be finished, there are far to many stories that I can share, but I have the desire and will to do what I can.


    For a little background history about me and Good Little Fly, it started in 2017 when I had two surgeries and both were a very intense process. The first, in February, was about removing Fibroids from my uterine wall in hopes to help promote a healthier environment in order for me to go through fertility treatments. The second was a partial hysterectomy in November of 2017. To keep the story short, after the February surgery it did not go well for me at all and I had a psychological break with the fertility treatment that lasted for hours and hours. I was suicidal, confused, and angry, and because of that event I started my two-year journey with therapy. During my sessions I decided I needed to connect so I created a meet-up group. This wonderful human being, Lisa Howard from Bloomin’ Uterus, reached out to me about her group and wanted to let North County San Diego women know about mine. This for me was instrumental on so many levels; it gave me the support from like individuals. I gained priceless friendships with extraordinary women, I became more knowledgeable about my disease and how to become a better advocate for myself, and in 2018 Good Little Fly was born. At that time I also had become a member of a photography group called The Photographer’s Eye Collective. With the Bloomin’ Uterus Group and The Collective I felt I was getting the types of support I needed in order to explore my feelings about what was happening to my mind and body through photography.



    Good Little Fly started as an innocent comment to an Endo sister for whom I was going to be involved in photographing portions of her surgery day. Her doctor was concerned about my being there with a camera, which most are. I told her that a phrase in photography for documenting was to be a fly on the wall, a spectator, not a person who would be involved. I told her “I’ll be a Good Little Fly”. @GoodLittleFly has an Instagram feed and Facebook page that I share Endo related information, events, my thoughts and process, and on going snippets of my project which is called Project Endo. 


    What I’m looking for is funding for the project; donations big or small all get me there. Everything counts. My goal is to raise and/or gather funding of $25,000. This money will help me finish the portraits I have left to complete, marketing the project, print and frame all photographs for a traveling show, expenses all Good Little Fly related, and finally the printing of the book. I’m interested at this point for 100% funding to donate 100% of the profit made from sales to go to Endometriosis research. If you are interested in participating in the project at any level, perhaps you want to fund a photoshoot for one of the women, promote the project, write a Grant or provide a Grant; any of this helps me to get the awareness out. Acknowledgments will be made in marketing and in the book. Endo survivor participants have been promised access to images taken during any part of the photography process of their shoot, a large print of their final portrait from the project, and a copy of the book when it comes out. 



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Donations Tiers:


$50 donation:        Project Acknowledgment and 2 Endo “Support” or “Survivor” car decals.


$100 donation:      Project Acknowledgment and 4 Endo “Support” or “Survivor” car decals.


$150 donation:      Project Acknowledgment, an 4 Endo “Support” or “Survivor” car decals and a Good Little Fly T-shirt.


$250 donation:    Project Acknowledgment, 4 Endo “Support” or “Survivor” car decals and 2 Good Little Fly T-shirts.


$500 donation:   Project Acknowledgment, 4 Endo “Support” or “Survivor” car decals, 2 Good Little Fly T-shirts and a signed Project Endo Book.


$1000 donation:   Book & Project Acknowledgment, 4 Endo “Support” or “Survivor” car decals, 2 Good Little Fly T-shirts and a signed Project Endo Book.


$5000 donation:       Book & Project Acknowledgment, 6 Endo “Support” or “Survivor” car decals, 6 Good Little Fly T-shirts, a signed Project Endo Book and a company logo with description in Good Little Fly marketing materials and in the book.

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