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Short Stories - Still Life Series: "Self Portrait"Short Stories - Still Life Series: "Self Portrait"Short Stories: Still Life Series
Self Portrait
Brandy Sebastian

Image Size: 10”x12”
Overall Frame Size: 16”x18”
Media: Giclee Rag White Print on Masonite with Acrylic Gel Medium
Price: $675

Terms for delivery to be negotiated
Tax & Shipping not included.

These still life's were created in June of 2020 days after a sixth surgery for Endometriosis with support and help from my mother. They are vignettes incorporating bits and pieces from my history containing Short Stories that explore family, loss, and the process of an incurable disease. Each photographic print is an experimentation of arrangement and contemplation dealing with my emotional trauma. Short Stories: Still Life Series is a petite body of work filled with self exploration from my roots and childhood.

Brandy Sebastian, 2020

Images from this series are created as one of a kind finished art prints. The still life's are printed by the artist, fixed to a backing board then coated with a satin gel finish using brush stokes as a means of giving each piece a feeling of a coated oil painting. The finished pieces are printed for size according to found up-cycled highly detailed antique gold frames in order to recreate an old family heirloom portrait and master's painting.

*If you are interested in participating in this project and have items from your family history, contact Brandy using the contact form HERE.
They can be created for a child using objects from their childhood and old images. Or they can be created for a parent using special items from their past to create a unique one of a kind finished art piece as an alternate means of a portrait. They can be sold as just the print with no coating or framing or as a finished print in a gold antique frame. Size is based on availability of frames. Price depends on size of finished piece which means all pricing is custom. Artist retains the rights to the finished art print and may use it for the continuation of the series and may be used is future exhibitions or marketing.

Short Stories - Still Life Series: "Child Lost"Short Stories - Still Life Series: "Self Portrait"Short Stories - Still Life Series:  "Endometriosis 2017-2019"Short Stories - Still Life Series: "The Kachucks"