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Short Stories - Still Life Series: "Self Portrait"Short Stories - Still Life Series: "Self Portrait"Short Stories: Still Life Series
Self Portrait
Brandy Sebastian

Image Size: 10”x12”
Overall Frame Size: 16”x18”
Media: Giclee Rag White Print on Masonite with Acrylic Gel Medium
Price: $675

Terms for delivery to be negotiated
Tax & Shipping not included.


Storytelling is the essence of the creative soul, the driving force behind our artistic endeavors. It is an art form that allows us to weave narratives that touch hearts and inspire minds.

In the depths of June 2020, mere days after enduring my sixth surgery for Endometriosis, I found solace in the creation of these exquisite still lifes. With the unwavering support and assistance of my loving mother, I crafted vignettes that artfully merged fragments from my personal history. These compositions became vessels for short stories that delve into the realms of family, loss, and the relentless battle against an incurable affliction.

Each photographic print within this collection represents an experimental voyage, a delicate dance of arrangement and contemplation, through which I confront and navigate my emotional trauma. Within the Short Stories: Still Life Series, my ongoing body of work, lies a profound exploration of self that traces back to the very origins of my being and my cherished childhood memories.

Brandy Sebastian, 2020

The images within this series emerge as peerless works of art, meticulously crafted and brought to life in the form of singular, irreplaceable art prints. Meticulous care is taken in printing each still life, affixing them delicately to a sturdy backing board, and adorning them with a lustrous satin gel finish, artfully applied with brushstrokes that bestow upon each piece the very essence of a resplendent, oil-painted masterpiece.

These remarkable creations, akin to cherished family heirlooms and the masterpieces of renowned painters of yore, are printed in sizes befitting their inherent grandeur. Seeking to infuse an air of antiquity and unrivaled detail, the artist sources and repurposes exquisitely crafted antique gold frames, imbuing each artwork with an evocative aura that harkens back to a bygone era. With this artistic alchemy, the result is an opus that effortlessly intertwines the spirit of ancestral portraiture, the magic of a captured image, with the mastery of a seasoned artist's brush.

*If you are interested in participating in this project and have items from your family history, contact Brandy using the contact form HERE.

In the realm of boundless imagination, behold the enchanting possibility of crafting a wondrous work of art, tailored exclusively for a child, adorned with cherished relics from their bygone days and adorned with vintage family photos. Oh, the whimsy and delight that dance hand in hand as this one-of-a-kind masterpiece comes to life!

Alternatively, envision the tapestry of artistry weaving a tale of love and nostalgia for a cherished parent. Here, with tender care, special treasures from their storied past take center stage, intertwining seamlessly to form a unique, unparalleled art piece—a magical alternative to a conventional portrait.

In this realm of artistic sorcery, the bonds of kinship and the essence of cherished memories converge, giving birth to an extraordinary creation that celebrates the significance of childhood or pays homage to the journey of a beloved parent. Embark on this whimsical journey, where imagination reigns supreme, and art becomes a vessel for treasured stories and everlasting enchantment.

NOTE: They can be sold as just the print with no coating or framing or as a finished print in a gold antique frame. Size is based on availability of frames. Price depends on size of finished piece which means all pricing is custom. Artist retains the rights to the finished art print and may use it for the continuation of the series and may be used is future exhibitions or marketing.

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