Best of Show Cell Phone Photo

Super cool and stoked to win best of show and first place at the International Photography show at the Del Mar Fair Grounds!!! This is a cell phone image I took with an iPhone 6s at the Buena Vista Park in Vista, California. The beginning of last year when Southern California was fortunate enough to receive down pours of rain for months; the park had over 30 varieties of mushrooms and fungus. I was there at least 5 times photographing all that I could find, it was a magical experience that I'll never forget and it only lasted a month. Some where so small I couldn't get low enough to photographthezm with my Nikon D800, which is where having a smart phone makes an excellent second camera. These mushrooms were only 2"-3" tall and obviously made a huge impact.

#Photography #BrandySebastian #metallic #landscape #mushrooms #rain #fungus #BuenaVistaPark #Vista #California #AwardWinning

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