Giving a Talk at Palomar College

I'm very honored anytime I'm asked to share about my process in photography. I truly strive for something that is unique and has an alternative way of presenting my work. Several years prior I had taken a Alternative Process class and Creative Photography class with Donna Cosentino. Years later she asked if I would bring in my work that I did in her classes to share with her new class. I took a variety of imagery printed in different processes, Pinhole Photography, Liquid Light, and Cyanotypes. With the Pinhole Project, I used plumbing pipes from Lowes to create my cameras and for my final presentation. The final images where framed using the piping and are illuminated from the inside, so that you can view the images through the end of the pipe, totally best seen in person. The Cyanotype piece is a representation of a 3-D book of digital negative images developed by the sun and a water-hydrogen peroxide solution for some added contrast. Some of the images were taken further by tea staining them for added depth that created a weed Garden of Images; my hopes are to create additional 3-D books with different sorts of plants. Lastly the Liquid Light images were developed on a variety of surfaces to include: lids of baby food jars, mini canvas, and a box that contained all the small art pieces.

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