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I've been a potter for well over 20 years and my dream was always to combine my imagery with my finished ceramics pieces. I was fortunate enough to study under Kelly Telebrico, Brian Benfer and Sasha Jonestein at Palomar College, where are learned how to apply decals to my pottery for a third firing. Typically pottery will go through two firings, a bisque firing which verifies the clay where all moisture has been fired out. Then into a low, medium or high firing. My favorite has always been hired fired Porcelain or B-Max clay body's. The third firing is where the decals come into play. Using a bell decal, laser transfer by a certain brand printer, I will print out the decal, apply it with water and fire at a low fire, where all thats left behind is a rust colored image fired into the clay. I have several continuous projects with my work on my pottery and this shows a few samples of that work for your viewing pleasure.

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