Doll Study

More often then not with all that's going on in our lives we need to do something that's fun and outside our norm. With working on my newest body of work it has been an intense amount of focus for months upon months. So with that said I decided to create a body of work that was 'In the Style of' myself. Now for some that may seem ego based, but assure you it is not, I needed to break up the seriousness of what I put into everything I do and have some fun. This body of work changed from being something that was complex, because I don't know how to do anything simple, Lol, to something that was mundane in nature and stripped of all complexities. In the end the finale images turned out quite fun, silly and actually beautiful in their own right. The goal was accomplished by creating something that I had fun with and made me laugh, to being proud of how they came out. So continuing the nude figure studies that I have been working on for many years I bring you "Doll Studies" a not so serious, serious body of work!

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